About me

When I was 2 – I wrote a song about a rainbow.

(Did NOT become a songwriter)

When I was 7, I drew a forest of birch trees. (charcoal and watercolor)

(did NOT become an artist)

… always writing … always writing

When I was 16, the sound a sight of waterfalls mesmerized me.

(did NOT become a musician)

When I was 21, I studied architecture.


… always writing … always writing

And then, behold, the web was born ~~

And I became a “web writer” (no), a “content strategist” (sometimes), a “user experience* content strategist.” TA DA!!

*Wait, where did all the Focus On The Customer thing happen?

Kinda always been there … ‘cuz I’m a little off-center, a little of that always asking why, a little of that, “didja think about your customer” sort of person. Provocateur, in a friendly way.

Here’s a picture for you:

[Big pile of chaos] < You came to me with this

[Soothing, ordered structure with normal words for things. Same word, same place.]

^ I made that. Your personal site and strategy zen.