Envisioning a new audience to help a growing nonprofit expand its reach and donor base.

Green Card Voices

Connect immigrant entrepreneurs with the greater community.

A plan for Entrepreneur Voices, a collection of personal stories.





The director of Green Card Voices approached a class of MBA students for help devising a plan to reach a new audience with stories told by immigrant entrepreneurs. The organization had a strong track record, with years successfully building empathy and connections across communities using schools and students’ stories as a medium. Moving from children to adults, and potentially, from education to business, the organization looked for assistance imagining and connecting in a new space.

The class divided into four groups and spent three months researching and putting together comprehensive marketing communication plans. While Green Card Voices had launched book series in the past, this was an opportunity to think about the audience and the organization in a new way. One challenge was keeping the strong ties to the existing donor base while building connections to new donors.

This group looked to the local business community and the relatively new thinking around corporate intrapreneurship to build a campaign strategy. The thought was to not only build on Green Card Voices’ core value of building community empathy, but also to provide local businesses with materials and connections to extend diversity efforts – from hiring practices to supplier relationships.

The final recommended strategy and campaign execution hinged on building brand awareness and momentum for book sales, including building the nonprofit’s reputation and profile with local businesses. The group presented the plan and recommendations to Green Card Voices board representatives and community influencers.